//What Did Martin Luther King Jr Do?
Martin Luther King Jr

What Did Martin Luther King Jr Do?

Martin Luther King Jr was a civil rights activist who played a key role in ending systematic racial segregation. He helped pass the Civil Rights Acts and Voting Rights Acts in 1964 and 1965 respectively. Unfortunately, every now and then I still see people ask what did Martin Luther King Jr do? I don’t know if their intention is to purposely stir things up or if they’re only asking a genuine question. For this purpose, I’m writing this piece to document the things Martin Luther King Jr did, namely his role in the civil rights movement and his achievements as a leader.

What Martin Luther King Do?

Here’s What Martin Luther King Did For Us:

  • At 26 came into limelight for leading the Montgomery bus boycott.
  • Gets his house bombed.
  • As a result, promoted Peaceful Protests to the Angry crowd gathered outside.
  • U.S. Supreme Court declared bus segregation laws unconstitutional.
  • Founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).
  • Fought Against Injustice.
  • Went to India to study Gandhi’s approach to Civil disobedience and protesting peacefully.
  • Got Jailed.
  • Endured Torture.
  • Opposed Vietnam war.
  • Narrowly escapes assassination attempts.
  • Was a key figure in organizing Lincoln Memorial March.
  • Delivered I have a dream speech, where he shared his vision for America.
  • He helped pass the Civil Rights Act, therefore, outlawing systematic segregation.
  • Won the Voting Rights for Blacks by helping pass Voting Rights Act.
  • For this purpose, he Becomes an Icon for peace worldwide.
  • He campaigned for international peace.
  • Organized Poor Peoples campaign, which he couldn’t attend because Above all finally, he died fighting!
  • He became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Prize.