//Amazing Facts about Martin Luther King Jr Day You Should Know in 2021

Amazing Facts about Martin Luther King Jr Day You Should Know in 2021

Martin Luther King Jr Day is a Holiday observed on the third Monday of January, around the day he was he was born, January 15. The battle to make his birth a national occasion was  gigantic, senators Jesse Helms and John Porter East led opposition against Kings birthday to be celebrated as a National Holiday and asked if he was worthy enough! Helms even accused him of having secret ties with the communists

Here’s a list of Interesting facts that lead his birthday being declared as a national holiday in the US.

1968 – Martin Luther King Jr Assassination.

John Conyers and D-Mich introduce legislation calling for a federal holiday.

The state of Illinois becomes the first one to observe the day as a state holiday

President Reagan signs, legislation is passed.

Martin Luther, Jr holiday goes into effect

Martin Luther King Holiday gets adopted in 44 states

Arizona votes to enact Holiday.

Martin Luther King Jr Day is celebrated under different names, and not necessarily as a paid state holiday

New Hampshire replaces optional Civil Rights Day and adopts Martin Luther King Jr Day as a paid holiday by state

Utah renamed its Human Rights Day holiday and recognizes it as Martin Luther King Jr Day.
South Carolina makes it a paid holiday for all of the state employees.